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Commercial or Editorial


In this site you get royalty-free images directly from the author: this is really important because while stock agencies often take as much of 70-80% of the sales price, when you buy from this site you save your money and at the same time you support the creatives. Thank you for your informed choice.

Royalty-free is not free of charge. Royalty-free is not copyright free.

A royalty is a fee paid to the author of a photo each time that photo is used. Instead a royalty-free image require a one time-fee for its use: then you are free from having to pay royalties for that use. In fact a royalty-free license of use grants you, the buyer, a determined set of rights to use the image in multiple ways for a flat one-time fee: you pay for the license only once, and you can use it forever within the accepted ways, without any further payment obligations. With a royalty-free license you are not acquiring the property of the photo itself but  the right to use a photo in a certain way: with a royalty-free license you don’t have to pay royalties to the owner of the image every time you use the photo, nor every time the photo generates your profit.

The fee is based on the file size and on the kind of license of use

You cannot resell or redistribute the image as it is. You must use it as part of an integral design.

Purchasing the license does not transfer the copyright: crediting the photographer when using the image is strongly recommended: © Vivida Photo PC

You cannot use the image as part of a trademark, design mark, or logo: this because you do not own the image and you can’t register any design containing it as your own.

Use of copyrighted content without a license is illegal and robs the author of compensation for his work.

Royalty-free media are licensed in two different types that define the usage: Commercial and Editorial.


You cannot use any of images and videos other than as expressly provided by the license you purchased with respect to images and videos: you cannot use them in a derogatory way. This means you cannot use them in pornographic, defamatory, or deceptive context, or in a manner that could be considered libelous, obscene, illegal, blasphemous, heretic, apostatic, contemptuous or offensive to Christian religion nor any other morally questionable uses.

In particular, you cannot use image and videos of people (models) in pornographic, defamatory, or deceptive context, or in a manner that could be considered blasphemous, heretic, apostatic, contemptuous or offensive to Christian religion, libelous, obscene, or illegal and in political endorsements, drug, or tobacco campaigns; and dietary drug and herbal supplement ads nor any other morally questionable uses.

Besides the images and videos must be used in a manner consistent with the historical, artistic and religious value of the subjects.

Commercial and Editorial


Commercial content (images, photos and illustrations if not labeled as editorial) can be used for promotional and advertising purposes: to commercialize, monetize, sell, promote, and advertise a product, business or service. It could be used on a billboard, a website, a blog, a brochure, a Facebook Ad, a television commercial.

Commercial Use photos according to license restrictions (standard royalty-free license or extended royalty-free licenses)


Editorial royalty-free licenses are more restrictive than commercial ones. In addition to the license restrictions, content marked as “Editorial Use ” is intended to illustrate article, educational text or critique, stories about real people and events in print or digital publications. Editorial content cannot be used for commercial purposes, such as advertisements or resale products: any commercial or for-profit usage is prohibited.

An Editorial Use Only image cannot be used:

An Editorial Use Only image can be used:

Besides Editorial images may not be modified, except for minor adjustments for technical quality or slight cropping or resizing, while maintaining the editorial context and integrity of the original.

Content used for editorial purposes (such as magazines, newspapers, textbooks, books, eBooks, directories online or multimedia CDs) must display the copyright notice next to the file: © Vivida Photo PC

For Editorial royalty-free images, extended royalty-free licenses are related to distribution: restriction to editorial use only still applies.

If you are uncertain about the use of media, please contact us.

Standard and extended royalty-free licenses

Standard License

The standard license is available on all files at small, medium, large and original file size.

This is a one-person license and can be used only by the account owner.

A standard royalty-free license covering general commercial use. Which means you can use the photos in your advertising and social media, for your editorial content, blog posts, website and more, anywhere across the world for as long as you’d like, and a maximum of 500,000 copies in print.

Purchasing standard royalty-free license for example (always according to Commercial or Editorial restrictions and always under the 500.000 copies) you can:

With standard license you can reproduce copies up to 500.000 copies but you can’t create products  in which the content provides the core value of the product.

Extended Licenses

The extended licenses are available on all files  at original file size

Extended royalty-free licenses for commercial use, resale and unlimited print. Which means you’ll get everything in standard license plus you can use the photos on any of your products that you’re selling. This might include apps, t-shirt designs, packaging and more.

For your editorial content, blog posts, website and more, anywhere across the world for as long as you’d like, and for more than 500,000 reproduction / copies in print.

  1. Multi-Seat (unlimited): this extended license allows for an unlimited number of users within the same organization to use the content.
  2. Unlimited Reproduction / Print Runs: the standard license Agreement limits the amount of times you may print the content to 500,000 reproductions. By purchasing this extended license, you can make an unlimited number of reproductions.
  3. Item for Resale (limited run): this extended license allows use in commercial products in which the content provides the core value of the product (for example framed artworks, art prints, mouse pads,  puzzle, greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, posters, wallpapers, stickers, apps, videos, templates, calendars and screensavers) intended to be sold or given for free. Up to 100.000 products.
  4. Electronic Items for Resale (unlimited run): purchasing this license allows to resell the content in an unlimited number of electronic templates for e-greeting or similar cards, electronic templates for web or applications development,  screensavers, and email or brochure templates.
  5. Market Freeze (exclusive use for a period of time): this extended license grants exclusivity from date of purchase to the date you need.